Our story

It's german for ethical fashion


The modern phenomenon of fast fashion is harmful to the environment, it exploits people in developing countries & robs Australia of talent & manufacturing opportunities.

Modetische strives to deliver high quality, on-trend garments using only organic or sustainably milled fabrics, made by Australian garment workers in accredited factories.

We support zero waste in our packaging & our supply chain. 


Most garment labelling is wasteful & made from unsustainable materials, like polyester & plastic. 

Your organic cotton t-shirt will have all of the branding & legally required care instructions printed directly onto the back. We wanted this to be a featured so we put it on the outside, so everyone knows you are wearing an organic, ethical & cool garment. www.t-1print.com.au

Your EcoVero viscose garments will have all of the branding & legally required care instructions printed with water based ink on organic cotton tape. Handmade to order by Marieta from Design Labels, not mass produced. www.etsy.com/shop/DesignLabels

Instead of a useless swingtag that you will only throw away, we have included a hand made origami heart. These are made with Australian recycled handmade paper supplied by Buy Ecogreen, a family run business with over 20 years experience in the Australian recycled paper industry. This beautiful paper features Oregano seeds which can be planted in pots or gardens. We hope you will regift this to family & friends the next time they do something special for you...OREGANO ORIGAMI - the gift that keeps on giving! (for NSW, VIC, SA & QLD customers only). www.buyecogreen.com.au

NOTE: due to quarantine laws, we cannot offer oregano origami to WA customers, USA & CHINA. These customers will instead receive their origami hearts made from Planet Ark Australian made carbon neutral recycled office paper, the same paper we use to print invoices & receipts.


Our garments are shipped to you in Compost-A-Pak shopping bags & postal packs. These bags are 100% biodegradale & compostable, both at home or council collection services. Thatmeans they are 100% plastic free!

They are made from a natural starch-based polymer, derived from third grade corn (waste), unsuitable for animal or human consumption. Sourced from internationalregions with high levels of natural rainfall to minimise irrigation, it is manufactured into bags on purpose built equipment, whihc has been re-engineered to minimise electricity consumption. The bags are printed with soy-based inks with lots of environmental messages & instructions. Compost-a-pak are a 100% Australian family owned business. We know you will reuse your shopping bag & even if you don't compost your kitchen scraps now, you won't feel guilty when you throw it away as it will decompose at the same rate as organic mater does. We really love the green colour! www.compostapak.com.au


We love GREENPEACE & donate monthly. They are committed to ending the use of plastic at it's source & protecting our oceans….we encourage all Modetische customers to donate to this fantastic organisation & join us to help save our world.   www.greenpeace.org.au