Our production


Grown in India 

Our commitment to social & ennvironmental ethics is what drives modetische. We live & work plastic free, we function on a zero waste policy throughout our daily working & social lives. We recognise that waste & pollution is a key factor in the fashion & garment industry & do not subscribe to these practices. Therefore, our t-shirt range is made from 100% Organically Grown Cotton grown in India. Due to our arid climate, high labour costs, insect damage & low yields, growing cotton organically is not a viable, economical or sustainable option in Australia. Our farmers have tried & failed many times. It suffers like many other introduced species in Australia. India is the largest producer of Organic Cotton in the world & their seeds are not genetically modified (GM), their crops are farmed & produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides or insecticides. Their farming methods require less water which greatly reduces the impact of water pollution on the surrounding environment (source: Cotton Australia). ABMT Textile Melbourne source from GOTS accredited & certified agents & suppliers.

Milled & knitted in Melton,Victoria


 ABMT is a fully certified processor of Organic Cotton knits under the guidance of Australian Certified Organic (ACO) with all dyes & auxiliaries, as well as fibre, being GOTS certified. They are ISO14001 - Environmental Management System (AUS) & OekoTex 100 approved.

Since 1998, ABMT Textile Melbourne has been dedicated to creating premium products with minimal environmental impact. From responsible cotton farming to cleaner manufacturing, their social & environmental conscious runs through every aspect of their practice.

To date, ABMT Textiles Melbourne is the only textile plant in the country recycling over 85% of watsewater from spent reactive dye-baths. They mill the fibres into yarn then knit & dye into the premium jersey that will make your t-shirt. www.abmt.com.au