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what is viscose?

Viscose is a man made fibre, also known as Rayon, produced by processing wood pulp as its raw material basis. It was invented as an economical alternative to Silk.

Compared to other naturally occurring fibres, such as Cotton. Silk, Linen & Wool, Viscose has become a true fashion fabric, thanks to its slinky drape & super soft handfeel. It was revolutionary - it is durable, easy to care for & looks premium!

image source: www.tuppencehapenny.com


Viscose, by definition, assumes a complex production process, using harsh chemicals & other industrial grade processes, to transform wood pulp into soft textiles...hmmm? Does sound very environmentally friendly, does it?

Most Viscose used by fast fashion brands, sourced from non-sustainable mills, is produced with no care or consideration for the environment. In fact, Viscose is one of the most polluting of all of the fabrics used in fashion. The harsh chemicals used in the processing are simply released into the the waterways. The water is not repurposed or recycled. The wood pulp comes form anywhere & everywhere...YUK!

why EcoVeroTM?

LenzingTM EcoVeroTM gives Viscose a good name!

LenzingTM are a fully sustainable, closed loop producer of wood pulp based fabric & EcoVeroTM is their latest product.

We love EcoVeroTM because -

  • it has up to 50% lower emissions & water impact than generic Viscose
  • it only uses sustainable wood pulp 
  • it's supply chain is full transparent
  • it is certified eco-responsible

We'll let the graphs below explain it better...





Sustainable Textile Supply Chain


We partnered with STSC (Sustainable Textile Supply Chain) to source this fabulous viscose fabric. Allison Jose is well connected with Lenzing & various mills in India, with access to some of the most amazing fabrics made from sustainable, recycled & natural fibres. www.sustainabletextile.com