BLOG: We love Boro Japanese hand Stitching

Boro is a ancient Japanese method of hand stitching & garment mending using patchwork fabric & attractive stitching lines called Sashiko. It was the only way to mend holes in garments prior to the Industrial Revolution & the invention of sewing machines.

This is a staple technique is the current slow fashion, upcycling movement, adding a touch of individuality to each garment, meaning no two are the same. 

The best thing about Boro is that it is so simple & you can achieve great results materials you probably have lying around at home. 

See below the step by step method of our Boro Me Heart Tees.


Step 1

The heart shaped template is cut out of a recycled paper envelop sent came with a birthday card from a friend. Pin this to some Organic Cotton jersey fabric scraps left over from designing & development & cut out hearts.


Step 2

I inherited a knitting machine & many spools of Australian crochet cotto some years ago from my mother in law. This cotton has turned out to be perfect for Boro handstitching. You can purchase traditional Japanese Sashiko thread but I'm happy I finally found a way to upcycle this thread. With a darning needle, I sewed three groups of lines over the heart patch to secure to the tee. This sewing technique is is very secure & holds the patch of fabric in place during washing. Tie off with a knot neatly on the underside of the Boro as with all handsewing.  

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